Clever Raven Aboriginal Head Start

We are excited to be servicing the Comox valley and bringing our expertise to the community. Our staff is ECE certified and ready to learn along with you, our children and families. We follow the core principles of the Head Start program (see below). We are working closely with the Head Start team to implement a program strong in cultural values and experiences. Our curriculum will be relevant, emergent, and focus on growing the language and skills of our children. Thank you for teaming up for this journey.

Head Start Core Concepts

As a Head Start daycare, our primary focus is on the 6 Core principles.   

•    Culture and Language- The program will work on building a child’s sense of themselves as an Aboriginal child by providing cultural values and beliefs to all aspects of daily programming.
•    Education- At Head Start, we support the encouragement for lifelong learning with a focus on early childhood development to support physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social development.
•    Health Promotion- Specialists will be available throughout the year to assist in medical, dental, vision, hearing, and other therapies, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles through games and activities 
•    Nutrition- Snacks and Lunches are provided by our staff and chef on duty. Teaching healthy choices and honoring traditional foods is an essential core concept.
•    Social Support- We help families grow the awareness of support and assistance and programs provided both in house and in the community.
•    Parental and Family Involvement- We support the families as the primary “teachers” of their children through collaborations with our families to create meaningful experiences in planning, development, operation and evaluation of the program. We encourage parent participation and extend invitations and opportunities for elders, cultural teachers and traditional people.
We will implement these in our daily classrooms and through special events throughout the year. Families are invited to spend time with our elders and