Wachiay Friendship Center is Open! COVID-19 Update

That’s right! The Wachiay Friendship center is open, but things are a little different. If you come to our building you might notice that our front door is shut, but don’t let that stop you, we have a door bell for you to ring, and we will serve you from the door at 2-meter distance spaced by a desk. We have hand sanitizer placed on the desk for staff and visitors, and we will be wiping all surfaces after each use. If you have a scheduled meeting booked and need to enter the building, we request that you fill out a quick checklist regarding potential COVID-19 symptoms. Here is a tentative list of the services we are still providing at this moment. For more information please come visit us at the Wachiay Friendship Center or visit our services page at: https://www.wachiay.org/our-services

· Helping Hands Program (If you need help with food, we are here for you, come to our front desk)

· Volunteer Income Tax Program (Come to the front desk with your appropriate documents, and our volunteers will help you with your taxes)

· Homelessness Outreach Program and Homelessness Prevention Program

· Screen Printing Program

· Legal Advocacy

· Family Law Advocacy

· Bears Program

· Eagles Program

· Youth Legacy – FAS/FAE

· Roots Program

· Elders and Families

· FASD Keyworker