Service Canada Outreach Support Centre

The Service Canada Outreach Support Centre is now live. Through this 1-800 toll free service, Indigenous communities and other vulnerable clients facing barriers will receive additional support for accessing Federal benefits.

This service will supplement the existing e-service URL link by providing an option for clients who need additional support due to issues accessing a computer, the internet, or other barriers. Community Outreach and Liaison Service (COLS) staff will be available to answer live calls and ensure that clients get assistance with accessing critical services.

Individuals who are homeless and women fleeing domestic violence may face greater difficulty accessing online services, therefore all shelters and support organizations that work with these vulnerable populations should be engaged to ensure they get the support needed to access critical benefits such as the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and the Canada Child Benefit (CCB).

Each region has a designated COLS 1-800 number to distribute to vulnerable clients. Note that all numbers will link into the Service Canada Outreach Support Center and be answered by COLS staff across the country.

Western Region: 1-877-631-2657