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Job Opportunity: Financial Officer

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Position Title: Financial Officer

Wachiay Friendship Centre Society

Mission: To build a strong community rooted in the philosophy and cultures of our peoples.

Position Summary

Under the general supervision of the Executive Director, the Bookkeeper will be responsible for maintaining the bookkeeping systems for Wachiay Friendship Centre and Wachiay Studio Inc.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Prepare journal entries;

Complete general ledger operations;

Monthly closings and prepare of monthly financial statements;

Reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts;

Draw up monthly financial reports;

Prepare analysis of accounts as requested;

Assist with year-end closings;

Administer accounts receivable and accounts payable;

Prepare tax computations and returns;

Prepare budgets and forecasts;

Payroll administration;

Monitor and resolve bank issues including fee anomalies and cheque differences;

Account / bank reconciliations;

Review and process expense reports;

Assist with preparation and coordination of the audit process;

Assist with implementing and maintaining internal financial controls and procedures;

Maintain accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and the general ledger;

Ensure monthly reconciliation of bank statements;

Enter budgets in accounting software program;

Maintain a separate GL for each program;

Support staff in the management of their program budgets, e.g., provide up-to-date monthly reports;

Assist the Board of Directors to effectively manage the Centre’s finances by providing accurate and up-to-date reports on the first of every month and in addition, prior to each and every Board meeting;

Maintain keys for the Centre and the charge cards;

Process monthly mileage charges for the Centre’s vehicles;

order cheques when required;

maintain filing system for program expenditures.

CASH: fundraising, program, etc.

§ reconcile expenditures with receipts

§ deposit cash into appropriate account


§ check vouchers received from staff and prepare cheques for same

§ ensure that all vouchers have the approval of the Executive Director

§ contact signing authorities to come in and sign cheques

§ post entries to software accounting program and mail cheques


§ deposit cheques received from funders and other funding sources

§ issue receipts


§ process payroll bi-weekly

§ post to accounting software program and distribute

§ prepare Records of Employment as required

§ set up and maintain personnel files, providing necessary forms for file completion as per policy and procedure manual

§ send monthly remittance to Receiver General

§ Submit WCB remittance


§ prepare for year end audit

§ meet with funding agencies to answer questions for expenditures

§ assist with year-end financial reports

§ prepare BC Gaming year end report

§ prepare all year-end forms, i.e., T4’s, WCB report, Registered Charities Annual Report, Registrar of Companies

§ submit form for GST rebate after March 31st


§ maintain accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general ledger

§ reconcile expenditures with receipts

§ deposit customer cheques

§ ensure monthly reconciliation of bank statements

§ maintain filing system

§ GST and PST remittance as required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

§ Sophisticated knowledge and understanding of accounting principles, banking procedures and the proper administration of a non-profit society;

§ Familiar with accounting principles, banking procedures and the proper administration of an incorporated for-profit enterprise;

§ Knowledge and understanding of the legislation relevant to the management of the finances of a non-profit society and a for-profit enterprise;

§ Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

§ Proficient in the use of various computer programs, including accounting software such as Sage, QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.;

§ Ability to work under pressure, manage a heavy workload, monitor and meet deadlines;

§ Ability to assist the Board of Directors to effectively manage the Centre’s finances by providing accurate and up-to-date reports on the first of every month and in addition, prior to each and every Board meeting;

§ Ability to assist Wachiay Studio CEO to effectively manage the Studio’s finances by providing accurate and up-to-date reports on the first of every month and as otherwise required.

Training, Education and Experience

Education: Degree in Accounting or completion of related formal training program preferred

Experience: 5+ years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting procedures. Experience with Sage and QuickBooks accounting programs.

Training: Training provided on the job via conferences and workshops

Licenses and Certifications: Completion of Diploma program in bookkeeping and/or accounting

Critical Success Factors

To succeed in this position, the Bookkeeper will have a superior capacity to maintain accurate records; to analyze and interpret data; and to monitor and meet deadlines.

Education and Experience

§ Bachelor’s degree or equivalent;

§ Knowledge of accounting principles and practices;

§ Knowledge of finance principles;

§ Knowledge of financial reporting;

§ Knowledge of local, provincial and federal law regarding accounting, finances and taxation;

§ Technical accounting skills;

§ Previous experience of general accounting;

§ Proficiency in relevant accounting software.

Key Competencies

§ Attention to detail and accuracy;

§ Planning and organizing;

§ Scheduling and monitoring;

§ Communication skills;

§ Problem analysis and problem-solving skills;

§ Initiative;

§ Team work;

§ Confidentiality.

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