Job Opportunities

Wachiay has two positions available, please find their descriptions below and submit applications to


Position Title: FASD Keyworker

Wachiay Friendship Centre Society:

Mission: To build a strong community rooted in the philosophy and cultures of our peoples.

Position Summary:

To provide support to children, youth and families who are living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions (CDBC). The Keyworker will work to maintain and enhance the stability of families with children and youth with FASD and CDBC, in order to improve long-term outcomes for the child or youth, and to ensure that families have an on-going network of support.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

§ Provide flexible (day, evening and weekend) timely and culturally sensitive supports for families of children and youth with confirmed or suspected FASD

§ Liaise with regional health multidisciplinary assessment team that identifies children and adolescents with FASD and other similar behavioural developmental conditions

§ Network in the community with agencies and organizations to build strong relationships and strategic partnerships

§ Work in Clever Raven to support the children, families and staff

§ Educate and train Wachiay staff (including Clever Raven) on FASD and CDBC

§ Provide group activities and create networking outlets for FASD AND CDBC children and families

§ Support parents and caregivers in understanding and implementing recommendations and in assessing existing family support, health and education services

§ Support parents and caregivers with information, tools and resources tailored to their child’s needs

§ Assist families to access services and supports, and to advocate for their child

§ Support parents/caregivers of children and youth through the assessment process

§ Provide information and recommendations to others working with or involved with the child or youth

§ Participate in case management meetings

§ Establish mutual aid parent-to-parent support networks

§ Provide community educational opportunities for supporting children and youth with FASD

§ Ongoing participation in regional/provincial required training and meetings

§ Networking and collaboration with other FASD Keyworkers, local committees and local service providers

§ Cooperation with the Provincial Evaluation Team

§ Maintain the budget for the program and ensure that reports are completed as required by MCFD and the Wachiay Friendship Centre

§ Maintain strict confidentiality and security protocols to protect client information

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

§ Extensive knowledge of FASD and CDBC

§ Experience working with clients and/or families living with FASD and CDBC

§ Knowledge of brain differences and ability to support the differences

§ Knowledge of community and support facilities, programs, etc.

§ Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)

§ Excellent counselling skills

§ Ability to exercise patience and a positive attitude

Training, Education and Experience

Education: Degree in Social Work preferred

Experience: 5 years of experience working with families with FASD and CDBC preferred

Training: FASD training provided on the job via conferences and workshops.

Critical Success Factors

To succeed in this position, the Keyworker will have extensive knowledge of FASD and CDBC, and some personal experience working with children or youth.


Position Title: Poverty Law Advocate

Wachiay Friendship Centre Society

Mission: To build a strong community rooted in the philosophy and cultures of our peoples.

Position Summary

Under the general supervision of the Executive Director, to provide direct and indirect advocacy services to the community in a culturally sensitive manner that is consistent with the Wachiay Friendship Centre Society philosophy and mission. The Advocate provides advisory, educational, investigative and advocacy support to individuals, their families, agency staff, including direct representation in selected cases, and investigation of any right to which a client is entitled which has been abused, improperly or unreasonably denied.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

§ provide advocacy to individuals with poverty law issues including income assistance, employment insurance, landlord/tenant, debt, human rights, etc.

§ provide legal information in the form of verbal communications, brochures, pamphlets, forms, access to websites, etc.

§ provide support to clients to complete court forms or other documentation, where appropriate

§ assess merit of client’s case and provide appropriate level of service and/or referral to other agencies

§ assist clients to resolve their legal issues by negotiating with third parties by phone or written correspondence

§ conduct legal research, consult supervising lawyer, prepare written legal submissions and present client’s case to tribunal, where appropriate

§ monitor limitation dates and manage calendar to ensure deadlines are met

§ maintain accurate and organized client files and adequate records, notes, copies of correspondence and documents, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

§ basic knowledge and understanding of administrative law procedures and court process

§ familiar with legislation relevant to clients with poverty law issues, i.e., landlord/tenant, income assistance, employment insurance, debt, etc.

§ excellent communication skills

§ proficient in use of various computer programs, e.g., Word, Excel, Outlook

§ ability to do legal research and prepare written legal submissions

§ ability to prepare legal argument and present at hearing on behalf of clients

§ ability to assess merit and determine appropriate service for client

§ understand distinction between legal information and legal advice

§ aware of need for legal supervision and seek supervision appropriately

Training, Education and Experience

Education: Community College would be appropriate

Experience: 5+ years of experience in law office or related, i.e., Court Services an asset

Training: Training provided on the job via conferences and workshops.

Licenses and Certifications: First Aid Certificate

Critical Success Factors

To succeed in this position, it is important to understand the distinction between legal information and legal advice, to know when to seek legal supervision, to be able to assess merit and to provide service appropriate to the clients’ needs and the Wachiay Friendship Centre Society’s mandate.