Greyhound Cancels Service in Western Canada

Dear Friends, This is incredible. In just two days, thousands of people have signed the petition calling on

our federal and provincial governments to replace Greyhound’s bus services, after they announced on Tuesday that they’re cancelling all of their routes in Western Canada. The media has been plastered with stories from communities who will be negatively impacted by Greyhound’s decision, and what’s clear is that Indigenous and rural communities will be hit the hardest when the buses stop running. When we sent an email out about this on Wednesday, we failed to acknowledge that Indigenous and rural communities have been leading the fight for improved transportation across the country for years. The launch of BC’s pilot project to replace the Greyhound along the notorious Highway of Tears in June would not have happened without the leadership of Indigenous women who have been at the forefront of the fight for better rural transportation, and have been organizing for over a decade. Yesterday, provincial Ministers from all across Western Canada met to discuss what to do about the Greyhound cuts, and now they’re calling on the the federal government to step in. [1] But so far, the federal government has shown no signs of intervening. We need to turn up the heat on federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau now - while this issue is still in the media - and push the federal government to take action.

If you haven't already added your name, sign the petition now, and call on Minister Garneau and BC's Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena to replace the Greyhound before the buses stop running.

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We’re in this together,

The campaign organized by:

Leadnow with support of the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of British Columbia

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Western Canada is on the brink of a transportation crisis -- and we’ve got less than 24 hours to speak out. Yesterday, Greyhound announced plans to completely scrap their bus service in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, leaving thousands of people stranded with no transportation options. [2][3] The end of this vital bus service will have devastating impacts on people who rely on the Greyhound to get around -- particularly those living in rural communities, and those without access to their own vehicle. The BC government has already taken steps to replace Greyhound services that were cut earlier this year, including replacing the long distance bus service along the Highway of Tears. But now, dozens of other routes in the province are on the chopping block. [4] A massive petition delivered to Minister Trevena will provide her with the mandate to take bold action, and ensure that communities impacted by Greyhound’s cuts continue to have access to transportation.

It’s a well known fact that scrapping bus service in remote and rural communities will put lives at risk. Lack of access to safe transportation has been a major factor in the murder and disappearance of thousands of Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people across Canada. Indigenous communities have been pushing for improved transportation for years, and the Interim Report from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women has identified the need for accessible transportation services. [5] We can’t afford to leave our communities without transportation options. If thousands of us sign the petition before the Ministers’ meeting tomorrow, we’ll send the message loud and clear that we’re expecting Minister Trevena to push for a solution. Sign the petition now, and call on Minister Trevena to make sure that the Greyhound service is replaced. When Greyhound scrapped their service along BC’s notorious Highway of Tears in May, thousands of us signed a petition and flooded the transportation minister with calls and emails urging her to take action. Bus service along Highway 16 was a key recommendation of the Highway of Tears Symposium in 2006 -- and Indigenous groups and communities along the highway have been leading the fight for improved transportation on the route for years. In June, the BC government launched a pilot project to replace the Greyhound with a publicly funded bus service.

Now, dozens more of Greyhound’s bus routes across the province are in jeopardy. We need to come together again, and pressure our government to make sure that there’s a plan in place before the Greyhound service ends. We’re in this together,

Thank you for your support.

The campaign organized by:

Leadnow with support of the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of British Columbia Sources:

[1] [2] [3] The only route that will remain is between Vancouver and Seattle. [4] [5]