Wanted - Posters!


Reminder - Submission Deadline May 15, 2017

March 1, 2017 - To celebrate the rich cultural and heritage traditions of BC’s aboriginal people, FORED is sponsoring a poster contest with cash prizes for aboriginal youth. The theme is Traditional Knowledge and Medicine. Poster submissions should illustrate the above theme with artwork and any brief description as required. Three winning entries from aboriginal participants will each collect a $50 prize. If participants work with a partner or group to submit a poster, the partners/group will share the prize. By participating in this contest, winners agree that their names and posters can be published in local media. Winning posters are displayed in Ministry of Education offices in Victoria on Aboriginal Day, June 21st. Winning posters are uploaded to the FORED website and can be viewed at http://www.landscapesmag.com/common/main.cfm?ind=1&sin=1&ssi=0&sss=1

This is a wonderful opportunity to find a mentor in the Elder community to pass down this important knowledge to First Nations youth.

Contest Details:

  • Deadline for poster submission to FORED BC is May 15, 2017 and must be postmarked by that same date. All posters become the property of FORED BC.

  • The contest is open to all kids ages 5-18 with Aboriginal or Métis ancestry. Participants must note their name, band affiliation or ancestry, postal address, phone and email address and/or grade, teacher, school, & school postal & email addresses on the back of all posters or in covering emails.

  • Posters must reflect the theme and can be on any size paper up to 11x17. Any type of artistic medium may be used, i.e. pencil, crayon, paint, mural, collage, computer graphics etc. You may glue or tape any natural textures, including seeds, sweetgrass, flowers, leaves, fur, feathers etc. to the poster with a description on how they are used in relation to traditional knowledge and medicine. Emailed submissions are welcome as long as they are 300 dots per inch resolution and scanned at the actual size. A .jpg or .pdf file is fine.

  • Due to the large volume of entries received, FORED is not able to return posters. Only winners will be notified.

For any questions on the poster event, please email education@foredbc.org or fax 604-737-8598.

Please mail or email posters postmarked no later than May 15, 2017 to FORED BC, c/o Education Coordinator, #213-4438 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6R 4R8

Traditional Knowledge/Medicine Example: Cedar Tree Traditional Uses Medicinal uses for cedar: oils for cleansing and tea for healing. Wet bark can be made into baskets, spoons, strips for baskets and more. The First Nations relied on cedar to be the main source for transportation as they built rafts, canoes, and more. Cedar is used in weapons because it is sturdy and is really strong. It is used in the handle of an ax or an arrow body. The bark of the cedar tree can also be used to make weapons because it can be used to tie the objects together. – submitted by Louise, Boston Bar, BC

FORED BC, short for FOR EDucation about our environment & its natural Resources, is a charitable non-profit association established in 1925. We work with aligned groups and volunteers such as the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, and the Aboriginal Institute for Management Excellence, on community-based sustainability projects. This poster contest is a component of our AHEAD (Aboriginal Heritage Education and Dialogue) program.