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Rebel Mountain Press present In Our Own Aboriginal Voice, an anthology collection of Aboriginal writers and artists in B.C., including: Michael Calvert, Maryann Dick, Kevin Henry, Darlene McIntosh, Natalia Auger Nybida, Ry-Lee Pearson, Spencer Sheehan-Kalina, Kirsten Sam, Kris Skinner, and Joe Starr.

Books are available for purchase ($10). With net proceeds of total book sales donated to Wachiay Friendship Centre-Courtenay, B.C.

"The time for our own stories has arrived, our own written words, our own voices. It is through our stories that we discover our roots. They feed us. They make us strong." - Terri Mack (owner, Strong Nations Bookstore & Press)

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Rebel Mountain Press presents a cheque for $750.00 (!!!) dollars to the Wachiay Friendship Centre. Our sincere, heart-felt thanks to Rebel Mountain Press.