Our Partners:


Ministry of Children and Family Development:

We are very proud of our continuing partnership over the years with the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  Ministry funding supports four unique programs at Wachiay. Three programs are available to all children, youth, individuals and families living in the Comox Valley Regional District. Services and programs are available through the Keyworker to any family living with FASD afflicted members. Early childhood development 0-6 activities, after school programming for children 6-12 and daytime-evening programs for youth 13-22 are open to all community members. The Roots program is only available to Aboriginal youth in Ministry care who are reconnecting with their family and cultural roots.  Wachiay gratefully acknowledges funding provided by MCFD for these important programs. We also acknowledge the proactive professional work of local MCFD Management & Staff and their progressive outreach efforts and community consultation processes that monitor the pulse of community needs for which their Ministry is responsible.


The Law Foundation of BC:

Our trained and educated Legal Advocates provide much needed legal advocacy services to all people living in the Comox Valley Regional District as a direct result of funding provided by the Law Foundation of BC.  Legal Advocates provide support services in the areas of: income security (CPP, OAS, WCB, SA, Disability & EI) residential tenancy, debt, family, child protection, human rights, and many other issues.  Legal Advocacy Services would not be possible without the substantial support of the Law Foundation and financial support from the Province of BC Gaming Funding.


BC Lottery Corporation / BC Community Gaming Funds:

BC Lottery Corporation provides Wachiay Friendship Centre with funding that is crucial to the maintenance of four programs:  Helping Hands, a food bank program; Healthy Foods, access to nutritious lunch and food snacks provided in 18 SD71 schools to children and youth who attend school without  breakfast or lunch; Elders and Homeless Support, a program supporting all Elders in our community to secure and maintain stable housing and improve health; and Legal Advocacy, providing valuable services in various areas of law to vulnerable community members.


BC Housing:

BC Housing provides Wachiay with funding for two programs:  Homelessness Prevention and Homeless Outreach.  The Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) provides temporary housing subsidies to eligible individuals and families, women fleeing domestic violence, youth (including those leaving care) and individuals leaving corrections or health systems.  The Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) provides intake and assessment services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The Outreach Worker provides direct support and referrals for rental subsidies through HPP, legal advocacy, health care, food supplies and a range of other services.


Island Health:

With generous funding received from Island Health, Wachiay delivers projects in partnership with community partners that focus on the VIHA Aboriginal Health Strategic Plan 2017-2021. We incorporate the Plans’ Strategic Themes and Supporting Strategies in culturally-based activities provided to the urban Aboriginal population and Elders we serve.   Our objective is to improve human wellbeing by increasing awareness of determinants that contribute negatively to health impacts and positively to health outcomes. We strive to improve income security, housing, food security, and education while working to alleviate homelessness and poverty.  Activities engage community members of all ages in cultural activities such as cedar weaving and wild harvesting plus workshops on preparing a Will, managing personal finances, nutritional counselling and more. 

Work BC Employment Services Centre:

Wachiay is pleased to have staff from The Job Shop onsite delivering Work BC Employment Services to our shared clients.  Community members may receive information on Employment Income Assistance, employment opportunities, training programs and job preparedness.

West Coast Psychology:

Registered Psychologist Dr. James Blackburn, PhD, and Psychometrist Rachel Greenwood, MSc, have two offices and a discrete reception area in Wachiay’s facility.  Our central location, large parking lot and electric door entrance offers easy accessibility for their clients.


Revenue Canada:

We are pleased to have been selected by Revenue Canada to host their annual volunteer income tax program.  Every year our wonderful volunteer Ann is available from February through May to provide free income tax preparation services to eligible individuals and families.  Her training and years of experience make Ann an essential service at Wachiay. For eligibility requirements contact Reception.


Legal Aid:

Wachiay has hosted Legal Services Society’s Intake staff for many years, making Legal Aid services accessible in the Comox Valley region.  We are pleased to have Lori, Intake Legal Assistant extraordinaire, working in our office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call Lori at [250] 897-1400 for more information. 


Comox Valley Nursing Centre:

The Nursing Centre provides holistic support services for our shared client demographic.  Both agencies, and most importantly our clients, benefit from this synergistic relationship. CV Nursing refers clients to Wachiay programs and vice versa. For more information, contact the Nursing Centre at [250] 331-8502 or visit their website at http://www.viha.ca/comox_valley_nursing_centre/



Our partnership with Shaw is most important to our youth in the community. This partnership assists youth who are exploring employment opportunities in the multimedia sectors of the local and Canadian economy.  With participatory teaching from Shaw staff, students enrolled in WaMM (Wachiay MultiMedia) programming receive expert instruction in filming, lighting, editing and other activities associated with the production of media product for television, internet and radio broadcast.  Shaw’s support has facilitated the growth and expansion in these educational courses. Shaw and Wachiay continue to explore opportunities for WaMM and local programming.


School District No. 71:

Wachiay works with SD71 schools to provide a hot lunch program and access to nutritious foods for children and youth who attend school daily without breakfast and/or lunch. Staff and students at Vanier High School purchase food and coordinate delivery to all participating schools.  Up to 600 children receive a healthy lunch and nutritious snacks weekly as a result of the volunteer work provided by more than 40 teachers, students and parents.  A Community Gaming Grant provided by the Province of British Columbia and annual fundraising by Wachiay staff provides the necessary funding to operate this program. 


North Island College:

Wachiay hosts Sarah Lawrence, NIC Aboriginal Education Advisor, every Tuesday afternoon. For the past two years she has provided assistance, support and guidance to Aboriginal students seeking access to post-secondary education, training and programs. You may drop-in and talk with Sarah or arrange an appointment. Contact Sarah at [250] 334-5029 or email Sarah.Lawrence@nic.bc.ca


Thrifty Foods:

Wachiay appreciates the ongoing support of Thrifty Foods.  Their donations and support provide us with delicious fresh fruit for our National Aboriginal Day celebrations and preferred pricing on food purchases for our programs.  Our Elders Lunch Program benefits each week with Thrifty’s high quality ingredients and freshly baked breads and pastries.  Thank you Thrifty Foods!

Unity Comox Valley Spiritual Centre:

We gratefully acknowledge the support and frequent charitable donations received from the Unity Comox Valley Spiritual Centre membership.  Their contributions have contributed to improving human wellbeing by assisting children, youth, families and seniors needing access to food, clothing, prescription medicines and medical attention.  They are a caring and generous community partner. We appreciate their contributions in support of the socioeconomic demographic we serve at Wachiay.        


Province of British Columbia:

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia, its Ministries, Departments and the human resource provided by government Staff.


Government of Canada:

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada, its Ministries, Departments and the human resource provided by government Staff.