During tax season the Wachiay Friendship Centre hosts a Volunteer Income Tax Preparation Program.  Services are limited to personal income tax preparation for current and past taxation years.  The Volunteer cannot prepare income tax returns for businesses, or persons with rental income, farming income or other types of self-employed income.  Services are typically available from February to May each year. 

We all have Roots

The Roots Practitioner will work directly with Aboriginal children who are in care with the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  The Roots program is a Ministry initiative that focuses on reducing the number of Aboriginal children in care.  Our job is to ensure that each child in the Ministry's care has the best possible plan developed for his/her needs, while also supporting and encouraging the connection for Aboriginal children with their families, extended families, and community.

Family Law Advocacy

The Family Law Advocacy Program is available to low-income people who have a family law matter that is not covered by Legal Aid.

The family law advocate can:

  • Provide information in the form of printed materials, online research, and verbal information;

  • Assist in preparing: Provincial Court forms and applications, Family Maintenance Enforcement applications, financial statements, Legal Aid applications and appeals, indigent desk order divorce, other family law documents;

  • Provide advocacy and support by accompanying clients to initial court appearances and directing clients to family duty counsel lawyers or other court staff and facilities;

  • Help clients access community resources and services that would be of assistance;

  • Facilitate other services in relation to family law matters;

Contact the Family Law Advocate by emailing leslie.t@wachiay.org, or call 778-225-0310.

Wachiay’s Advocacy Program provides information, referrals, advice and full representation in selected cases to people of limited means with respect to the following:

  • Access to benefits such as income assistance, PWD and CPP disability benefits, Guaranteed Income Supplement, SAFER and more;

  • Tenancy issues including eviction, damage deposits, rent increases and tenants’ rights;

  • Debt including debt collection and harassment;

Contact the Poverty Law Advocate shane.c@wachiay.org or complete an intake in-person at the Wachiay Friendship Centre. 

Helping Hands Program

Wachiay's Helping Hands program provides emergency food bags for individuals and families, and other services such as access to prescription medications, on a case-by-case basis.  Contact our Director of First Impressions, at 778-225-0292 for assistance. 

Sister Mary's Helping Hands

Sister Mary’s is an emergency-fund with a focus on urgent medical needs and emergency assistance.  This may also include car seats or assistance with urgent travel needs. Needs are assessed on a case by case basis. Contact our receptionist, at 778-225-0292 for assistance.

Work B.C.

Employment Services provided by Work BC are accessible on-site at Wachiay on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  For appointments with Kathie, call 250-334-3119.

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WAMM is committed to helping our community learn the basic concepts of Audio and Video production. Our real-world hands-on process incorporates basic business skill sets and writing for purpose. Our approach to learning and our well-appointed multimedia studios inspire creative development, a deeper understanding of method and the groundwork for positive, rewarding creative endeavors. Whether your interests lie in Podcasting, film, audio or you simply want to tell better digital stories, WaMM can help.

Wachiay Multimedia and Podcast Program

FASD Keyworker

Key Workers provide assistance to families with children and youth (ages 0-19) who may have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) or other complex developmental behavioural conditions (CDBC) that are similar in nature to FASD. Key Workers act as a guide to the family, helping to coordinate services across systems (education, social services, financial resources, recreation, transportation, health, etc.). Key Workers can also support families who are going through the process of a formal assessment for their child. The main concept is to empower parents by providing them with support, resources and information tailored to their individual needs and as such we recognize the parent or caregiver as the expert of their child's needs.

The Early Childhood program consists of two streams of programming:  Hummingbirds and Story Box.  Both are open to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children, parents, grandparents, foster parents, and other caregivers.  Hummingbirds meets at Wachiay on Monday mornings at 10:00 a.m.  There are games, age-appropriate toys, healthy snacks and story-telling with Aboriginal Elders.  The Story Box program is offered in district schools and includes a live presentation of a local legend told by K'omox Elder Mary Everson.  Included in Story Box is an animated storyboard with felt characters represented in the story, and the background setting for the story.  Everyone is welcome!

Wachiay Friendship Centre provides a weekly Elders' lunch on Wednesday from noon to 1:00 p.m.  Everyone is welcome!  We are an inclusive organization and we encourage you to come and check out our programs and services. 

The Eagles program is for youth ages 13 to 19.  Program activities include hiking, fishing, tracking, hunting, swimming, running, talking circles with Elders and mentors, and more. 

Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP)

Provides temporary housing subsidies for Indigenous People, women fleeing domestic violence, youth (including those leaving care) and individuals leaving corrections or health systems.

Contact Callum at callum.m@wachiay.org or 778-225-0301 or Roger at roger@wachiay.com or 778-225-0308.

Connects homeless or at risk of homelessness people to housing, income assistance and community based services.

Contact Callum at callum.m@wachiay.org or 778-225-0301 or Roger at roger@wachiay.com or 778-225-0308.


The Bears program is for children and youth ages 7 to 12.  Program activities include swimming, sports, art, crafts, games, talking circles, healthy snacks and more. 

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