Wachiay Enterprise

Wachiay Studio is a social enterprise operated by the Wachiay Friendship Centre in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada within the traditional lands of the K’omoks First Nation. The studio offers services for artists, schools, community groups and individuals along with an opportunity for urban and rural aboriginal youth interested in a career in art and screenprinting to learn while working alongside professionals.
Whatever style, we offer top quality screenprinting of fine art and posters, and will work with artists and designers to bring their ideas to life on paper and other materials.


  WaMM provides diverse digital media production services to Aboriginal communities across Canada. The WaMM multimedia education program is a practice-related endevour that combines design skills, hands on practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of communication technologies directed to youth in our community. hand in hand we help young people build the skill sets necessary to succeed in Canada's emerging multimedia technologies.

Aboriginal Legends Teas

AQ’SAAK (pronounced “AK-SOOK”) means respect for nature. AQ’SAAK Aboriginal Foods Ltd. proudly shares the authentic tastes and legends of Canada’s Pacific West Coast with the world. With bold flavours, ancient family recipes, and natural ingredients, AQ’SAAK’s teas respectfully embody the West Coast cultures of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.

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