Volunteer Income Tax Preparation Service


During the COVID health crisis, Wachiay’s Volunteer Income Tax Preparer will continue to provide services as follows:


1. The Taxpayer must provide a completed, signed ‘Taxpayer Authorization’ form. Part A, B, C and D must be filled in, and the taxpayer must sign Part B Disclaimer, and Part D Declaration and Authorization.


2. Complete page 1 of the 2019 Income Tax and Benefit Return. It is important to answer all the questions and provide complete and accurate information.


3. Fill in the Wachiay Additional Information Form.


4. The Taxpayer must collect all T4’s, T5’s, etc., and any other relevant documents.


5. Place all the paperwork, including your tax documents in the envelope provided.


6. Write the Taxpayer’s name on the envelope.


7. Deliver the sealed envelope to Wachiay during normal business hours. The doors are locked but there are staff on site. Ring the bell behind the post to the left of the front door. Someone will come and collect the envelope.


8. Due to the COVID crisis and concerns regarding transmission of the virus, the envelope will be held for 24 hours and then delivered to the Volunteer.


9. The Volunteer will complete and file the Taxpayer’s return. If you have any questions, please contact Roger at 778-225-0308 or by email to roger@wachiay.com