Wachiay produced a series of videos that mirrored our Aboriginal Women in Business Program. Each video supports a specific chapter in the program curriculum. Jay Silverberg, Director Small Business Programs, scripted each video to reflect the program syllabus and his actual teachings he delivered daily in a classroom environment at Wachiay Friendship Centre for 3 years. This video series was created to assist all Aboriginal women pursuing their business interests. We sincerely hope you will find the series engaging and educational and that it assists you in your personal entrepreneurial journey.

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We thank Status of Women Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada for their support of the Aboriginal Women in Business / Blueprint for Success program. The legacy of this project is the many Indigenous women who created successful businesses and the business incubator offices at Wachiay that are accessed daily by women pursuing various self-employment career options. The business incubator contains 3 fully equipped offices available at no cost to women of Aboriginal descent.