Health Attitudes + Beliefs

Hello! The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is very interested in the views and beliefs of First Nations and Aboriginal people in BC. FNHA has recently launched the Health Attitudes + Beliefs survey to learn more about First Nations perspectives on the opioid crisis, changes to federal cannabis policy, and to work towards improving cancer screening rates for First Nations in BC. The results of conducting this survey will improve how FHNA delivers health programs, services, and shares public health information with BC First Nations. FNHA has hired R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. (Malatest) to administer the survey. FNHA would truly appreciate your support in promoting this survey to ens

Sounds Great!

The first of the WaMM FREE Summer Workshops happens next week! Basic Recording Techniques Everything from Microphones to Mastering with Hands-on practice. Learn More Now! Call 250 338 7793 today to save your seat!

Greyhound Cancels Service in Western Canada

Dear Friends, This is incredible. In just two days, thousands of people have signed the petition calling on our federal and provincial governments to replace Greyhound’s bus services, after they announced on Tuesday that they’re cancelling all of their routes in Western Canada. The media has been plastered with stories from communities who will be negatively impacted by Greyhound’s decision, and what’s clear is that Indigenous and rural communities will be hit the hardest when the buses stop running. When we sent an email out about this on Wednesday, we failed to acknowledge that Indigenous and rural communities have been leading the fight for improved transportation across the countr

Friends Helping Friends of the Friendship Centre

Introducing - an educational resource supporting holistic health, community building and environmental sustainability. The facilitator of Way of Life, Elior N, has been working In the field of health and wellness with a focus on supporting at-risk youth and encouraging nature-based healing methods. With experience in social work and an education in Indigenous Studies, reaches individuals and communities with a focus on supporting youth programs at the Comox Valley Native Friendship Centre. By intersecting inspirational art, environmental education and authentic communication, Elior provides holistic and sustainable resources that increase our sense of in

Young Women and Sound Decisions!

If you're a young woman interested in opportunities in Sound Design, WaMM is running it's first FREE summer workshop "Basic Recording Techniques" July 30th through August 10th. Call us at (250) 338-7793 and get involved! Boys Allowed!

Control ( Room ) Freak!

This summer WaMM is offering three new workshops in multi-media production. Up first; a two week workshop focused on Basic Recording Techniques. This intensive hands-on training will put those who want to learn more about basic recording procedures in front of the tools of the trade. Microphones, mixing desks, EQs, DAWs, compressors, reverbs, digital delays and lots more will be explored. Spin knobs, mix sounds and learn tons of cool stuff. Call WaMM at (250) 338-7793 to get involved. Up next, a three evening intensive workshop dedicated to Learning to Podcasting. This course covers the basic equipment ( and how to use it ) the basic software ( and how to use it ) and a practical step by ste