Feel Good News!

A Gathering Place for everybody 2016-06-24 New hospitals in the Comox Valley and Campbell River will have all-inclusive places for quiet reflection and ceremony when the hospitals open in late 2017. Island Health recognizes the importance of ensuring that everyone – including First Nations – and other Aboriginal people — feel welcome and respected when they receive health care services. While many Island Health facilities feature some form of all-nations room, the North Island Hospitals Project is offering new opportunities for these special places; the opportunity to improve on earlier designs and the opportunity to develop more comprehensive guidelines around use of the rooms. Click on

Something to think about on this special day

It seems like every page flip on my calendar reveals another “day” calling attention to one thing or another. Some of them, like National Pickle Day (Nov. 14, if you’re checking), are silly marketing gimmicks. There are also serious “days” that are effective attention-getters for raising awareness for a disease, such as World Alzheimer’s Day. Others, such as International Women’s Day and our newly minted Canadian Pride Month, provide critical moments to focus on removing barriers of inequity. That brings us to today’s “day” – National Aboriginal Day. Eagle Staff Carrier Bernard Nelson stands amid dancers at the Na-Me-Res Traditional Outdoor Pow Wow was held at Fort York as part of National A